BJ Novak to Release Another Children’s Book

Renaissance man, BJ Novak has plans to pen another children’s book that will teach children the excitement of letters and reading, as well as learning the alphabet.

It will be called, The Alphabet Book With No Pictures, which is a play off the title of his last book, The Book With No Pictures.

Image courtesy of junior library guild

Well, it seems fitting that a book about letters and words would be filled with nothing but. 

On the overall mission of the book, Novak has said: “I want to inspire more kids to see that words can be as funny, exciting, and powerful as anything in the world. And to corner the market on books without pictures before kids realize I’m not the only person who writes them”

That sounds like a kid’s book I’d want my kids to read. Keep it up BJ! The book will be published through Penguin Young Readers.


Featured image courtesy of Overthinking It