Bill Gates Released His Summer Reading List and It’s Filled With Puppies

Bill Gates released his summer reading list earlier this morning on his blog, Gate Note, and his picks surely won’t disappoint. The billionaire bookworm has been publishing book reviews and reading lists on his blog for the past few years, bringing light to some fantastic but unknown reads.


With his most recent list, he wanted to push readers to look at how to make the world a better place and to ask complex questions like “why do bad things happen to good people?” and “what makes a genius tick?”. With books like Origin Story: A Big History of Everything and Lincoln in the Bardo, it’s almost impossible not to ask those sorts of questions.


Alongside his summer reading list, Gates published a video detailing his picks and there are puppies. Repeat, there are puppies. Puppies dressed up as Abraham Lincoln, puppies in dog-sized hospital gowns, puppies roaming about the moon’s surface, and even a pup among some of Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest artistic works and inventions. 


We’re confident you should check it out.



Featured image via Gate Note.