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BIG Things Are Happening for ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2!

After winning eight Emmy Awards,  a second season of Big Little Lies seems inevitable. While HBO hasn’t officially ordered more episodes, they are reportedly figuring out when production can begin and it may start as early as Spring 2018. HBO’s very real interest in producing a second season is big news for fans.


The star-studded cast and production crew have already said that they’d like to continue the story, assuring audiences that talks about a second season will happen.




With that out of the way…mostly…the only worry audiences should have is who will and won’t return for the new season.


Luckily for us, it’s looking as if Reese Witherspoon will definitely return. She has publicly expressed interest in reprising her role in the past, barring schedule difficulties. Since she has reportedly dropped out of the production for Pale Blue Dot, her schedule seems to have opened up.


Nicole Kidman has also expressed interest in reprising her role. And even if Witherspoon’s character would be the sole remaining original character, that’d be okay too considering she’s one of the best characters on the show and my nagging suspicion of her husband Ed has convinced me that their story hasn’t exactly resolved yet.


The bad news is that the director who brought us this incredibly packaged show won’t be returning. Jean Marc Vallée has already withdrawn from an additional season, as a result of scheduling difficulties. That is a significant loss, as his vision undoubtedly made the show what it is.




Nevertheless, there isn’t a shortage of creative directors in Hollywood and, while they’ll have differing visions, it may be beneficial to the show’s future. HBO is reportedly on the lookout for a female director and it would be interesting to see how the story is perceived when a female directs females. 


While it is unclear whether or not author Liane Moriarty will be on board, it’s clear that the production team is hoping for her approval to produce another season. If you’ve read the book Big Little Lies then you know that the story resolves fairly well, unlike the show itself, which offers a cliffhanger. While I for one am dying for another season, I could understand why Moriarty and HBO, would be reluctant.


Stories portrayed on television are undoubtedly different than those portrayed in books. The stories told on television are constantly open-ended and leave room for the plot to continue. Unless a show’s creator, writers, and production company are fully aware of how many episodes the plot will be told over, the story is kept open-ended. When it comes to books, however, an author has leeway over how long or short the story is. Given that an author can ensure that his or her story won’t be abruptly cut off by a production company, their story often has a full arc. If Moriarty felt unsatisfied with where the book ended, then she clearly would have written a sequel. Given that she didn’t, she may reject the idea of continuing the story she created.


If HBO decides to go for a second season, then they won’t have any source material to work with unless Moriarty agrees to consult with the writers and share her vision for what it would look like. What that means is that without Moriarty’s vision, the story could be completely distorted from what the author was originally trying to create. However, it is also beneficial because it can use her original story as inspiration to effectively communicate additional issues that are related. 


As a huge fan of the show, of course I want more. As someone who values creativity, however, I know that it could end poorly too. Either way, audiences will have to be patient while HBO contemplates whether or not a second season is appropriate. 


One thing is certain: the cliffhanger ending to the first season has many fans crossing their fingers in hopes of seeing a second season. If HBO declines, some fans won’t be very happy. 




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