big little lies

“Big Little Lies” Season 2 In Works

HBO’s big hit limited-series, “Big Little Lies,” is already in talks with author Lianne Moriarty about creating story lines for a second season. It will follow the first season’s hit, which has already pulled in 16 Emmy nominations.


Big Little Lies

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Moriarty released “Big Little Lies,” as a novel in 2014 and though it doesn’t have a sequel, producers are hoping she can help them come up with a script for the upcoming season.


News of Moriarty’s participation in the production of the second season of the hit show is exciting, especially since the series followed closely to the characters and plot that Moriarty created.


Big little lies

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Although there is still time for Moriarty, or HBO, to pull the plug on a next season, as of now it’s looking like season 2 is in the early stages of production.


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