Bernie Sander’s Massive Book Advance Will Shock You


Former Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders has earned the big bucks—$795,000, to be exact—in exchange for selling his story to publishers, several sources reported earlier this week.



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The scrappy senator from Vermont was paid the huge advance by firms Thomas Dunne Books and St. Martin’s Press last year for Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In. The book is an account of his time on the 2016 campaign trail and his rationale for supporting policies such as free college tuition and lowering income inequality.


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The size of Sanders’ advance was made public knowledge by a financial disclosure filed Sunday with the U.S. Senate; the report also stated that Sanders earned $63,750 for a version of Our Revolution geared to young adults (to be published this summer) and $6,735 for his 1997 memoir Outsider in the House.


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All told, Sanders earned roughly $1,000,000 last year—not quite as grand a reward as the presidency, but not a bad consolation prize either.


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