Benedict Cumberbatch Says Yes to a Female Sherlock

Doctor Who recently made headlines by casting Jodie Whitaker as the first ever female Doctor, and Benedict Cumberbatch is open to the same thing happening with BBC’s Sherlock.


Radio Times reported that when Cumberbatch was asked about the potential gender-swapping, he was all for it, saying, “Why not? I don’t care! Sherlockina. It’s coming to you soon.”


Sounds good to us! It’s unclear as yet whether another season of Sherlock will happen, with co-creator and Mycroft-actor Mark Gatiss explaining to podcast A Stab in the Dark that it’s ‘a nightmare to schedule.’  Well, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s busy schedules may leave the door open for a re-casting of the series. And while we’re waiting, we can obviously just get on with life as normal…


What life? I've been away

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Anyway. Who do you think would make a good female Sherlock? 


Featured Image Via BBC America