Benedict Cumberbatch Leads ‘Rogue Male’ Adaptation

A pre-WWI survival thriller, Rogue Male, is a story originally written in 1939 by Geoffery Household that is now being adapted into a Hollywood film. The book is about a British sportsman who has an insatiable craving for the hunt. He likes to test himself and his ability to track, so one day he challenges himself to see if he can successfully track a fictional dictator of Great Britain. Without any intention to actually kill the dictator, he finally gets him in the sights of his rifle.




Unfortunately, he gets caught. He is beaten and thrown off a cliff, but somehow he survives. He manages to get himself back to London but quickly discovers that agents are looking for him. The plot then follows a cat and mouse style thriller which is filled with creative escapes from an ever impending doom.

To play this role Hollywood recruited the highly talented Benedict Cumberbatch. His role in Sherlock, among many others, has proven his ability to play a smart, quick-witted Englishman.

This is a great opportunity to pick up the book before the movie comes out. Rogue Male is short, sweet, and full of action. It also provides a perspective into the mind of a human being who loves to hunt for the sake of hunting, and all the consequences that come along with it.

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