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Beloved Video Game ‘Bloodborne’ Gets Its Own Graphic Novel Adaptation

Titan Comics has already made their presence known in the illustrious world of comics and graphic novels with their adaptations of various games into the format such as Wolfenstein or the Tekken series. But now, the company has just announced that they are releasing the first of hopefully many graphic novels based on From Software’s smash hit Soulsborne RPG, Bloodborne!




Poor Gherman, he never had a choice | Image via Bloodborne Wiki – Fandom



First of all, I love the Soulsborne series. These games may be talked about as the hardest games out there, but once you get past the immense difficulty, learning curve, and have died about 100 times, you begin to realize that these games have more to offer than intense (and sometimes outright outraging) game-play. There is a very hidden story with various endings to your quest. However, these endings are almost never concrete in terms of “good” and “evil”.


So, for those who are new to the world of Bloodborne, here’s a simple breakdown of the story. Essentially, after you create your beast of a character (that’s a pun for any fans out there), you wake up in some sort of clinic. The city you lived in, and just about the rest of the world in fact, are full of townspeople afflicted with a curse; they turn into bestial, violent, and often grotesque monsters. It is your job, as a hunter of such beasts, to put them down with EXTREME PREJUDICE. This means using crazy mechanical “trick” weapons which are essentially two weapons for the price of one, as well as using a $#!+ ton of silver bullets.




The saw-cleaver was by far the best starting weapon in the game | Image via PlayStation Lifestyle



However, there is so much more to this plot than one would think. Sure, you basically kill anything that moves. But in each level and area, you begin to learn about a medicinal type of blood that cures any ailment. The entire plot centers around this blood, as all of the townsfolk have been mutated because of this devious cure. Yes, you still have to kill everything that moves, but on your quest, there are many people along the way that you will encounter.


With their help, and the power of IMMENSE READING, you will be able to uncover what exactly happened to the blood that caused all of this destruction. Who found the blood in the first place? And why does the moon turn blood red more and more as the levels progress? 




The “Moon Presence” is key to the plot | Image via View Comic



It’s amazing, that finally Bloodborne will be joining the ranks of the comic community. From what we can see now, the artwork already looks stunning, and the plot description matches up perfectly with the tone of the actual game. If the comics are able to capture the hopelessness of the atmosphere and the utter desperation of the setting, we are indeed in for an amazing and spectacular read!


As there are multiple endings, the books will have to stick to one finale. Will our nameless hero uncover the secret truths of the Healing Church and stop the inevitable cataclysm of the endless nightmare? Or will they go deeper in this eternal dream of blood, teeth, and woe; only to be able to overcome the phantasmal perils by delving deeper into the knowledge of mad men? (another pun, I know)




This guy clearly didn’t bring enough quicksilver bullets | Image via



While the initial separate issues were released back in February, Titan Comics is releasing the entire full first volume tomorrow. Titled Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep Vol. 1this is one comic both fans and newcomers must read! And don’t worry, you’ll probably be dying for more background info on the plot and characters, so be sure to check out the full wiki for Bloodborne; this is a great story, but be prepared when I tell you that the plot is very deep and requires a lot of reading to really connect all of the dots.


Be sure to preorder your copy today! And for any fans of the other half of the Soulsborne series, be sure to also pick up the comic adaptation of Dark Souls, The Age of Fire.


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