Bedtime Stories A Dying Fad?

Being read a story before bed when I was younger was always my favorite. It’s part of the reason I love reading so much today. Not only did it create a space where my family and I could bond, but it encouraged me to be creative, to write, and to read more as I got older. I don’t know when I stopped being read to, but I know that my love for reading never ceased.

According to research done by BookTrust as part of their Time to Read campaign,

“86% [of parents] read to a child aged 5 every, or every other, day – while this falls to 38% for parents of 11 year olds.”

Reading to children is both family time and an academic experience. They’re learning while sharing moments with their family. While children around age 11 may be less interested in reading with their parents, especially in today’s society, the benefits of reading together are crucial.

BookTrust says

“Academic research indicates that shared reading benefits the emotional health and wellbeing of children…shared reading time with parents or carers, has a significant positive impact on a wide range of life outcomes, including social, personal, health and well-being, and educational.”

I know that I was introduced to a love of reading early on by my family and I’m not only glad that I was exposed to it, but I’m happy that that knowledge enabled me to continue reading throughout my adult life.


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