Tonks and Moody

Become Your Inner Tonks With This Magically Changing Hair Color

No offence but Tonks is the coolest character in Harry Potter. Tonks is a witty, boisterous metamorphamagus whose hair can change color. She’s definitely one of the most badass Hufflepuffs in recorded history. No offence though, like I said. 



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One of Tonks’s coolest physical qualities is her ever-changing hair color. Well, there is now a heat-reactive hair color, Pravana Vivids Mood Color, for those of us who want to honor Tonks’s memory (if I think too long about this I will weep so let’s move swiftly on…)


Keiffer Skipper, who is location leader and senior stylist at the Fox and Jane Salon on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, has begun using Pravana Vivids on clients. He says:


The only downside is that it is super temporary; it washes out after only one or two shampoos, so right now it’s mostly for a festival girl, or someone who’s going to a big party that night.


Mood Color comes in four changeable shades: cool violet to warm pink; lime green to sunny yellow; smoky gray to invisible; and tropical peach to invisible. Skipper explains


If you were to walk out into the cold air from a heated building, it will change relatively quickly, however, the cooler color — for example, the violet — takes a little longer to change to the warmer color, the pink. There’s still a lot of things to work out, but we are really excited to see where this can go. Eventually, women will be able to have a nice conservative color while they are at work, then when they leave, they can have bright pink hair.



Are you as excited as we are? Follow Pravana here to see more of their incredible Potter-worthy creations! 


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