‘Beauty and the Beast’ Pulled from Malaysian Theaters

Earlier we posted an illustration of Beauty and the Beast on our Facebook page where many of you expressed how excited you were to see the movie. When scrolling through some of your comments, we found some people said that the movie was banned in theaters in Malaysia. Looking into this, we found that it’s true! Even more so, Disney pulled the movie out of theaters after a scene was censored. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, chairman of the Film Censorship Board in Malaysia, Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid, they had to cut out the controversial “gay scene” which has also been making headlines in the United States as well. Abdul Hamid said that any scenes promoting homosexuality are banned from all Malaysian theaters.

The censorship board does allow homosexual characters to be seen only if they “repent for their actions” or are portrayed negatively. In response, Disney has decided against releasing the film in Malaysia altogether. Malaysia isn’t the only place that has put restrictions on the film. In Russia, the film will be released for audiences 16 and older in order to comply with the country’s anti-LGBT laws.   


Featured image courtesy of Moviefone