Beautiful F. Scott Fitzgerald Residence for Sale

It’s a great time for literary-home buyers. Just yesterday we found out that 4 Privet Drive, the house where Harry Potter grew up, is up for sale. We now know that one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s old residences is on the market as well. The absolutely beautiful Victorian four-bedroom, 3,500-square-foot abode, located in St. Paul, Minn from 1889 is listed at $625,000.

According to T. Rees Shapiro of The Washington Post, this particular residence is rather special. F. Scott, at 22-years-old, was living with his parents at this precise location when he started [and completed] to write This Side of Paradise, published in 1920. The young author had just recently broken up with Zelda Sayre, yes, the woman who later became his wife.

“At least partially, Fitzgerald owed his career to the solitude of that quaint bedroom on the top floor of his parents’ St. Paul home,” writes Shapiro. The Interior Department, a government organization dedicated, in part, to protecting the United States’ cultural heritage, declared the Fitzgerald home a registered national landmark. 

Just look at this gorgeous, well-lit room! Images courtesy of Washington Post

Potential buyers should be open to Fitzgerald fans coming by and trying to get a peek the former Fitzgerald residence. The current residents, Michael and Nancy Jones, admitted that people would come by for a tour of “the Fitzgerald museum.”

If you’d like to feel the creative chill that crept through Fitzgerald as he drafted his debut novel at 599 Summit Ave, perhaps you should look into this real estate.

Featured image courtesy of Library of Congress.