BBC One Announces ‘The Miniaturist’ Adaptation

One of Jessie Burton’s most famous books, The Miniaturist, is getting adapted into a BBC show! After spending four years writing the book, it was finally published in July 2014. Her debut novel was received with outstanding success and even out-sold J.K. Rowling at one point in time.

The Miniaturist, after selling over a million copies worldwide, won “Waterstone’s Book of the Year, and the National Book Awards Overall Book of the Year” as reported by Radio Times. The story itself takes place in 1686 Amsterdam. The protagonist is an 18-year-old girl named Nella Oortman, who is the wife of a rich Amsterdam businessman named Johannes Brandt.

After some odd encounters with her husband’s sister, Marin, she receives a miniature replica of the Brandt home as a wedding gift. Somehow the replica home begins to predict the future in odd ways, which constantly builds suspense throughout the book.

The release is not until 2017, so if you haven’t read The Miniaturist yet, go out and pick it up!


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