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Batwoman Will Soon Have Her Very Own Show!

The CW has already claimed that Batwoman would join the ‘Arrowverse’ in yet another crossover event in December. However, it has been revealed that an entire new series based on the DC character is coming to the screen.



In the comics, Batwoman has had two primarily different portrayals. Her first inclusion would be as Kathy Kane in the Silver Age of comics during the 1950s. Here, Batwoman is set to be more of a potential rival and love interest to Batman. Both would go on to work together to save Gotham. 




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Instead of focusing on the older version of Batwoman, the CW is opting to go for the more relative and fresher take on the character. Kate Kane was revived as the new Batwoman around 2006. In her new origin, it is revealed that she is another Gotham socialite not unlike Bruce Wayne.




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Kate is much different than her predecessor. Instead of a potential love interest for Batman, Kate begins her crime fighting by being inspired by his willingness to act. She then takes to ridding the corrupt streets of Gotham of the crime ridden filth that infects the city. Her gadgets mirror Batman’s. However, hers are made by her father who also makes her trademark Batwoman suit. Instead of rivals, Batwoman is another vital team member of Batman’s. Her combat abilities are just as good and maybe even better than the older Bruce Wayne. 



Another interesting point about the character is that Kate Kane is a proud lesbian. Batwoman is completely unafraid of other people’s judgements and bigotry, making her a strong addition to the other LGBTQ+ DC characters on screen already. The character is never shown to back down when she’s being questioned about her sexuality and often retaliates against injustices within the community.





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Batwoman is scheduled to be written by Caroline Dries from The Vampire Diaries. Greg Berlanti from Arrow will also be joining on the project. Actresses are now being cast to play the character and we should be seeing the new series come out sometime next year in 2019.





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