Battle of the Kids: Stranger Things’ Eleven vs. Umbrella Academy’s Five

These kids may be small, but make no mistake they pack a mighty punch. They’ve easily became fan favorites within their respected franchises, so in this superhero battle who wins?

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When it comes to powerful kids with numbers as names, Stranger Things‘ Eleven and Umbrella Academy‘s Five easily leads the pack. Not only are they fan favorites within their respected franchises, but they’re just effortlessly badass. Let’s be real people if don’t stan Five or Eleven, respectfully we didn’t watch the same shows. I’ll be the first to admit, I can’t imagine Five cruising through the 80s or Eleven time hopping in other eras. So this battle is an excellent way to evaluate our beloved heroes and no time travel is necessary. By the end of this battle you’ll be able to answer the question: which odd number named child reigns supreme? 

Image via Looper

It wouldn’t be a battle, if we didn’t discuss powers am I right? Now my fellow bookworms I don’t know about anyone else, but I much prefer to have these kids as my allies rather than my foes. Five is an assassin that has the ability to time travel. Not to be out done Eleven is an interdimensional traveler with psychokinesis. Say that eleven times fast! We know fighting monsters and stopping the apocalypse takes major fuel, so it’s only right we discuss our heroes’ favorite snacks. Eleven’s love for Eggos and Five’s reliance on coffee is such as mood. You know it’s not a proper battle if we’re not debating style folks. While Five looks timeless and trendy in his school boy attire, Eleven transformation from tomboy to 80’s glamour made us all step up our drip.

Image via Digital Spy

It’s not a shock that both struggles with authority, which great heroes don’t? Whether it’s the Commission Board or Hawkins National Laboratory, neither stood a chance against our heroes. Eleven and Five kicked serious butt while having a unique take on communication. Eleven being a lady of action and few words (at least until later seasons) while Five’s sarcastic wit is as deadly as his assassin skills. I’m pretty sure “I’m the daddy here” is someone’s senior quote somewhere. Both Eleven and Five has acquired some interesting love lives; Eleven’s coming of age love story was an adorable break from those terrifying monsters, while Five’s love story is unorthodox is at best.

Now that the battle is over you know I must ask, which odd number named child wins? Eleven or Five? If you’ve picked both, congrats we’re meant to be friends. Don’t worry bookworms no Eggos or mannequins were harmed in this battle.