Batman Comic Auctioned for 2.2M

We all know that Batman is the most notable vigilante in the DC universe, but did you know that his comic can also be crazy expensive? When it is rare enough, absolutely. The record for the priciest Batman comic was recently broken by a landslide when a mint condition Batman #1 (“the crown jewel of Batman comics”) sold for 2.2 million dollars!

This vintage edition Batman comic is a high-grade 1940 issue. It was scripted by Bill Finger and illustrated by Bob Kane. Sold at Heritage Auctions: Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction, it went for $2,220,000. Now that’s a serious fan, right there!





The NY Post described the details of this comic:

“Batman #1” isn’t the first comic to feature the Caped Crusader — that honor goes to “Detective Comics #27” from the year prior (which coincidentally held the previous record for most expensive Batman comic ever sold for when it went for $1.5 million in November). However, the superhero story does mark the debut of iconic Batman baddies the Joker and Catwoman.

The caped crusader only grows more valuable each year.


featured image via bleeding