Barack Obama Encourages Buying From Independent Bookstores

Former President, Barack Obama, recently posted a plea to all patrons of the arts on his Facebook page, encouraging people to support small businesses and purchase books from independent bookstores this holiday season.

There’s no time like the present to help out our fellow book lovers, and, right now especially, independent bookstores need a helping hand. With this in mind, Obama shared his family’s tradition of “Small Business Saturday,” wherein they visited small businesses and bookstores to show their support and desire for small businesses to thrive.




“Although everyone’s traditions might look different this year,” Obama stated, “we can still find ways to support these terrific small businesses. So I hope you’ll order a book online from an independent bookstore near you.”

Even from the safety of your home, you can help keep a small business afloat during one of the most financially pressing years for independent businesses. Buy a book, and spread the love and support!


feature image via facebook