‘Banished’ Words of 2021 Are All About COVID-19

You’ve probably heard these phrases, whether it was on a zoom call, a commercial, or a speech:  “We’re all in this together,” “These are challenging times,” and of course, the ever-popular “we’re living in unprecedented times.”

Chances are, you’re sick of hearing them—Lake Superior State University of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan sure is. That’s why all their banished words are all about COVID-19.



Their banished word list is the top ten words/phrases overused to the point of cliche and uselessness. Some of the words include COVID-19 itself (along with Coronavirus, Rona, and other iterations), social distancing, unprecedented, and the phrase ‘in these uncertain times’ (and its various other phrasings). “It should surprise no one that this year’s list was dominated by words and terms related to COVID-19,” says LSSU’s executive director of marketing and communications Peter Szmarty in a statement about the list. “We’re all in this together by banishing expressions like ‘we’re all in this together.'”


Coronavirus dominated everything in 2020. Image via wsj.com


People with the name Karen will also be pleased to know that ‘Karen’, used as a moniker for entitled suburban women, is also on the list.



Rounding out the list is the word “sus,” short for suspicious, which gained popularity from the video game Among Us, and “I Know, Right?” as the nominators felt it was nonsensical; you’re asking a question that you already know the answer to.

Hopefully, we’ll never have to use any of these words ever again.


Featured image via cnn.com