‘Balloons Over Broadway’ TBT

Gobble gobble – it’s Thanksgiving! In honor of the holiday, we are going to change things up a little bit for your TBT. Since Thanksgiving has already arrived, our TBT has to be a quick and easy read. However, for those who are able to have a small celebration with others (no more than nine others to be exact), I also wanted to find something that you could share with anybody. For those having a quiet holiday to themselves, I wanted to find something that could still bring a smile to your face, coupled with the theme of Thanksgiving. Therefore, I will be giving you an expedited TBT this week (so that you can continue on with your holiday), and we will be focusing on the children’s book, Balloons Over Broadway.



Written by New York Times bestselling author and illustrator, Mellissa Sweet, Balloons Over Broadway will be our most-recent TBT yet, having only been published in 2011. Upon its publication, Balloons Over Broadway won a Sibert Medal, an Orbis Pictus Award, and a Charlotte Zolotow Award. Sweet wrote this book to teach children about the man behind the “upside-down puppets” of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Tony Sarg. The parade itself though, began as a celebration for Macy’s employees, many of which were immigrants who were missing their holiday traditions from back home. Immediately the parade would be such a success that it would become an annual event. Turning back to Sarg, though, he first designed the puppet displays in the Macy’s storefront windows. After that, he was brought on to create some sort of replacement for the zoo animals of the parade that were scaring the children. As a designer of marionettes, he had to find a way to make these animals have the spectacle of the marionettes, but be large enough for the crowd to see, and light enough to be (relatively) easily transported throughout the city.

The rest, of course, is history, and you can learn more about this lighthearted piece of history by giving Sweet’s book a read on Thanksgiving Day. Most importantly, we at Bookstr hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!


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