Harry Potter

Babies Are Drooling for This New Primark Harry Potter Clothing Line!

Picture this plot twist: “You’re a wizard, Harry!” Hagrid says matter-of-factly.


Harry stares at him blankly with Cheerios stuck to his face and dribble on his chin. “Da,” he says in response to his life calling.


All right, so that’s a bit far-fetched for the Harry Potter series. But, nowadays, the cute baby in your life could feel like a true wizard or witch.


Primark has released their super adorable line of baby clothes adorned with classic Harry Potter designs that will have you waving your credit card for more! From onesies to pants, these clothes are cute and affordable. See the magic for yourself:


Baby Clothes

Image Via Primark


Baby clothes
Image Via Primark
Baby clothes

Image Via Metro


Oh my goodness…I cannot take the cuteness. Sadly, they aren’t available in the UK. However, there are clothes for kids a couple years older. Covered in Mickey Mouse and Beauty and the Beast prints, your kids will be as happy as ever to wear their special pj’s.




Everytime is a good time for pajamas. I stand by that completely. Make these cute clothes your next Christmas gift. Now excuse me, I must go see if these onesies will fit my dog. Get one for your own little one here!


Feature Image Via BoredPanda