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Award Winning Actress Viola Davis Is Writing ‘Corduroy’ Sequel

The actress responsible for bringing some drama to our Thursday nights with her scandalous show How To Get Away With Murder is putting aside the smoking guns and legal pads and is picking up a pen to write a children’s book! 


Davis will be writing a sequel to the beloved children’s classic Corduroy, which will be released by Viking Children’s Books in September 2018.


Titled Corduroy Takes A Bow, the picture book will portray the adorable fluffy character’s first trip to the theater. Davis is certainly no stranger to the stage, having won two Tony Awards for her theatrical performances in August Wilson’s King Hedley II (2001) and Fences (2010). She has also performed in other plays including As You Like It (1992), Seven Guitars (1996), and Intimate Apparel (2004). 


Davis will be able to use her first hand experience to communicate the awe and impression of the theater world to younger (and older) audiences.


In a press release Davis stated:


Corduroy has always held a special place in my life, first as a child paging through it, and then again with my daughter, introducing her to the adventures of that adorable teddy bear. I am honored and excited by the chance to continue the story that Don Freeman started 50 years ago.


Featured Image Via Graeme Mitchell / Amazon