Avatar: The Last Airbender Returns with TWO New Novels

Avatar: The Last Airbender is coming back, but a new Avatar is set to take the stage! 


Entertainment Weekly broke the news today that Nickelodeon will be teaming up with Abrams Children’s Book to publish a new YA series which is set in the Avatar universe, however, it won’t be centralized around the major characters from the original series. Rather, the two-part book deal will focus on Avatar Kyoshi.




Image Via Nickelodeon


Kyoshi was introduced in the television series but audiences aren’t as familiar with her as they are with the central characters. The series touched on the fact that she is the longest-living human Avatar in history and was born in the Earth Kingdom. Reintroducing her character will offer a clean slate to draw upon and a new string of entertaining tales for audiences. 


The series will be split into two books, with the first book, The Rise of Kyoshi, set to dive into Avatar Kyoshi’s rise as the founder of the Kyoshi Warriors and her subsequent demise later on in her life.  


According to EW, Michael Dante DiMartino, the co-creator and executive producer of Avatar: The Last Airbender, will act as a consultant in the writing process. F.C. Yee, author of The Epic Crush of Genie Lo, is slated to write the series. 


The Rise of Kyoshi will be published in July 2019.


Feature image via Kotaku