‘Avatar’ Is Getting a Book Series Because James Cameron Gets What He Wants

When the sci-fi film Avatar was first released in 2009, it had the world seeing blue. The hit had a superstar cast and a truly meaningful story that came at the right time for us to realize we need to conserve and protect our planet. With all these features combined, it raked in $2.788 billion.

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Director James Cameron only beat out himself for the highest grossing movie of all time, which was Titanic at $2.186 billion. Woah! Now, the upcoming Avatar 2 may do it all over again and beat the first film when it comes out in December 2020. But that’s not all we’re gabbing about.
Penguin Random House announced this week that it will be releasing “a wide range of books across adult and children’s formats” based on the five films. Hold the phone people.
'Avatar 2'

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There is no release date yet, but we do know that James Cameron will be working with Penguin to create these books, which will be stunning no doubt. The publisher told the LA Times
The unprecedented partnership will work to expand and enrich the Avatar universe through a multiyear publishing strategy that will begin during the lead-up to Avatar 2 and continue through and beyond the release of Avatar 5
After the books and movies release, James Cameron will surely be king of the world.
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