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Authors’ Love Letters To Public Libraries Will Melt Your Heart


I, like many others, have very fond memories of visiting my local library and being swept into a world of what seemed like never-ending books. We’ve written about why we love libraries and how to support them, but English high school librarian Lucas Maxwell took it a step further and asked authors to share an inspiring message for library lovers.


Out of 100 queries he received 50 responses from authors of all genres, and they were pretty amazing!


Children’s book writer and animator Mo Willems seems pretty excited!


libraries put the free in freedom

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“I wrote most of my novel at my public library and it’s also where I meet with my writing group. The library is a great place to escape and discover fascinating characters and stories. Keep reading!” Thanks, Ruta Sepetys!


keep reading!

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We agree with Bill Thomson, libraries are certainly magical.


libraries are magical places

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Nicely done, Tom Angleberger!


may the books be with you

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The prolific and well loved Meg Cabot wrote a very sweet note too:


“It was a librarian who took the time to listen to me when I started having trouble reading in school. She guided me to books that showed me reading could be fun. Without my local library, it’s safe to say there’d be no books by Meg Cabot, so do everything you can to support your local libraries!”


We agree with all of these authors, libraries are the best!




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