Author Who Made Dating Profile For Husband Dies at 51

Today we have some sad news. Author of several children’s books and adult memoirs, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, passed away this morning after battling ovarian cancer.

Last week we wrote about Rosenthal’s moving essay called “You May Want To Marry My Husband,” a dating profile she wrote for her husband so he can find love after she passes away. We found their story to be incredibly moving, and many of you thought the same.

Rosenthal was a beloved author, writing over 30 children’s books and memoirs about her family. She was largely in support of interacting with her readers as well. The website for her last book, Textbook, featured a phone number people could text and in return receive a personal message from Rosenthal to add to their book. According to Bustle, she also met up with a reader to get a matching tattoo. Both women tattooed the word “more” on their bodies, it was Rosenthal’s first word.

We’re thankful that Rosenthal has left behind wonderful stories for us to read and learn from time and time again. Our condolences go out to Rosenthal’s family and friends. 


Featured image courtesy of Chicago Tribune