Author Accuses Film ‘Yesterday’ of Plot Similarities

Yesterday, the new film from director Danny Boyle, the man behind hits like Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire, tells the story of a struggling musician named Jack who wakes up in an alternate version of reality in which The Beatles never existed. Jack uses his knowledge of all Beatles songs to become a superstar, but it comes at a personal cost.

The plot of the movie feels very familiar to author Nick Milligan, who wrote a book with nearly the exact same premise.

Milligan self-published a speculative fiction novel titled Enormity back in 2013, which is about an astronaut named Jack who finds himself on another planet after a mission gone wrong. This new planet is almost exactly the same as Earth, with the only difference being that The Beatles do not exist. He uses this to become the planet’s most successful musician.

Milligan pointed out these similarities to The Guardian over the weekend, however while he noted the plot is generally the same, the tone is different.

Yesterday is a more light-hearted family-friendly film, where Enormity is far more dark and twisted. It’s probably just a horrible coincidence and they mean me no disrespect.”

Milligan has also stated that since he spoke to The Guardian, sales for Enormity have gone up. It is unclear whether or not Milligan will pursue legal action. The producers of the film have not commented on the story.



Featured Image Via Highsnobiety