Australia Gets Its First Picture Book About Same-Sex Parents

Two writers have teamed up to bring Australia its first picture book about same-sex parents. The book, titled Mummy and Mumma Get Married, tells the story of a child who wants her two mommies to get married. Its publication helps Australia catch up to other English-speaking countries, many of which already have several such books.

The book is the work of Roz Hopkins and Natalie Winter, a talented couple who live in Byron Bay, New South Wales. The two are both writers and met in a publishing office, but never before wrote a book together. The inspiration for their creative partnership was the lack of books about same-sex parents in Australia.


The lack of books on the subject disturbed Hopkins and Winter, especially in light of the comparatively large selection of such books in the United States and United Kingdom. Hopkins described Australia as “behind the eight ball on the topic” when speaking with The Guardian. The Guardian itself was even more blunt, asking in a headline: “Why did it take so long?”

Whatever the reason behind the delay, the wait is over: in Mummy and Mumma Get Married, Hopkins and Winter have produced what they believe to be the first-ever Australian children’s book about same-sex parenting. The book also sends certain political messages, too. The plot follows a child looking for the “certain someone” who has to “agree to come to the party” before her parents can get married. That certain someone is never named, but the book ends with the arrival of various figures that block marriage equality in Australia: priests, politicians, and even extended family.

What do you think about the new children’s book and will you be getting yourself a copy?