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Audiobooks Are Coming to Vinyl Now and We Think That’s Rad

HarperAudio has announced Joe Hill’s Wild Horses Vinyl Edition, which is a new “vinyl-first” audiobook.The publisher is hoping to capitalize on the resurgence of vinyl sales along with the popularity of audiobooks, Publishers Weekly reports. It will also come with an MP3 digital download for those who decide they don’t want an audiobook on vinyl.


“Wild Horses” is a short story that follows a group of teenagers who take a ride on an old carousel. Things, of course, go awry. It will be read by Nate Corddry.


Wild Horses Vinyl Edition will only be the first in HarperAudio’s new line. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events #1: The Bad Beginning will get a vinyl-first release in 2018, along with Nikki Giovanni’s Love Poems.


Though the logic seems sound—HarperAudio’s v-p and publisher notes audiobooks are “the fastest-growing format in publishing”—I do wonder about the cross-section between audiobook and vinyl fanatics. Audiobooks seem to be mostly popular among people who are doing other things (e.g. driving, taking the train, cooking, etc.), while vinyl is a more sedentary process. If you’re listening to vinyl, then you’re probably not moving around a lot.


Still, there was a time when spoken-word vinyls were popular. I’m imagining the stack of Rodney Dangerfield records my friend has in his basement. If it worked once, maybe it will work again. Will you be picking up Wild Horses Vinyl Edition? Let us know in the comments!




Feature Photo By Benjaminrobyn Jespersen on Unsplash