Charlotte Bronte

Attention Brontë Buffs! 2 Never-Before-Seen Charlotte Brontë Manuscripts to Be Published

Two manuscripts written by Charlotte Brontë have been found in a book that belonged to her mother and will be published later this year.


According to The Bookseller, the seventy-seven-line poem and seventy-four-line story were acquired by The Brontë Society when they bought the book in 2015 for £170,000 through a grant from the National Heritage Memorial Fund as well as support from the Friends of the National Libraries and the Victoria and Albert Museum.  The book is one of the few surviving objects salvaged from a shipwreck off the coast of Devonshire in 1812.  It made its way from private owner to private owner before eventually landing in the hands of the society.


Bronte Book

Image Via The Keighley News


The society is now preparing to publish the manuscripts this fall in time for the holiday season.  The book will include copies of the two manuscripts, annotations by Brontë’s mother, a drawing by her brother, and contributions from four Brontë scholars, who will discuss the significance of the find.  A special edition of the book will be available for society members.


Feature Image Via The Independent