Aspiring Writers Competition: A word from the founders of WriteOnCon

For the third year in a row, is sponsoring the Aspiring Writers Competition, for which we partner with WriteOnCon, a writers’ conference, dedicated to first-time authors. The number of entries has grown every year, so this is a great testing ground for budding literary talent. The quality of the entries in past years has been exceptional, so this year we will publish excerpts from the five shortlisted entries in an eSampler that will be available on our eReader, which you can download here for free. This year we would like also to give you a little insight into what happens “behind the scenes” at WriteOnCon and our Aspiring Writers Competition. Sisters Lisa and Laura Roecker have dedicated a lot of time and effort to developing and nurturing WriteOnCon, which they enjoy immensely. Find out how they got the idea that gave birth to this conference, and things that made them cringe. The memories that made them laugh, and achievements that they are really proud of and their dreams for the future. Here is a snippet…

Lisa and Laura
“When Lisa and I first began writing together, we were desperate for information related to publishing. We’d spend hours perusing blogs, reading tweets and trying to connect with other authors. We promised one another that when we ‘hit it big,’ we’d give back. Well, we got sick of waiting to hit it big and just began trying to give back. WriteOnCon is the result…” Read more ….