Aspiring Writers Competition: 2012 Winner, KL Gore’s Perspective

As an aspiring writer, It’s always a little daunting having an audience read your work, let alone having it judged as part of a competition. But that is why WriteOnCon is so unique. It encourages authors to share their work, get feedback and encouragement in an environment that is both supportive and helpful. And the Aspiring Writer’s Competition is designed to compliment this by helping not just the winner but all entrants to receive feedback and recognition from wider audience.  Last year’s winner, K.L. Gore, has shared with us her experience and what it meant to participate. We hope it inspires you to enter this years’ competition.

KL Gore

“Before I talk about myself, I’d like to spend a few sentences acknowledging the hardworking organizers of WriteOnCon and the dedicated people at They put forth amazing amounts of effort to help writers of all stages and levels feel that publication is only a keystroke away. So a gigantic kiss (mwah!) and a blimp-sized thank you to them. (A special shout-out to Anna O’Grady who made sure everything ran smoothly.) Read  K.L. Gores’ full interview at K.L. Gore.