Artists Come Together to Support Orlando Victims

DC Comics is supporting the victims of the Orlando attack by creating a publication in their honor. This December, a 144-page graphic novel called Love is Love will be released. All profits from the sale of the comic book will go directly to Equality Florida, which has set up a fund to aid victims of the June 12th attack.

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Organizer of the project, Mark Andreyko, told the New York Times that “Events like this shouldn’t be compartmentalized…they should hurt and we should want to change for the better.” Andreyko compiled over 100 short stories that each have their own author. The contributors were required to come up with one or two pages of content.

With how crazy our world is, it’s easy to forget. People like Andreyko help us to remember how quickly life can be lost by the hateful actions of one individual. Thank you DC Comics, and thank you Mark Andreyko for this outstanding show of support.

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