Artemis Fowl

‘Artemis Fowl’ Adaptation Gets Official Release Date!

Artemis Fowl fans will be happy to hear that after a decade (a DECADE) of awaiting the adaptation of the popular YA series, it has an official release date: August 9, 2019. 




Described by Irish author Eoin Colfer as “Die Hard with fairies,” this sci-fi-fantasy series is about 12-year-old Artemis Fowl who masterfully kidnaps a fairy in the hopes of ransoming the ole pot of gold. Of course, as plans typically go, things go awry, giving readers an entertaining read filled with suspense and mischief. 


Legendary director-actor Kenneth Branagh, known for his film adaptations of Shakespeare plays like Hamlet (1996), will direct the film. 


Though it hasn’t been confirmed, Branagh may be joined by Oscar-winning actress Judi Dench whom he collaborated with in the live production of The Winter’s Tale. 


While we await the official news of Dench’s part in the film, as well as other casting news, fans can begin counting down until the film’s release date of August 9, 2019.




Featured Image Courtesy of Wikia/Amazon/Rex Features