Are You Ready for This New Harry Potter Mobile Game?

The Wizarding World is getting even bigger, and it will do so by getting a little smaller.

A new mobile game based on the Harry Potter universe is coming from the developers of Pokemon Go. Titled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, it will follow the same premise as the popular Nintendo mobile game. Players will explore the real world and search for magical creatures and artifacts from the Wizarding World in an effort to conceal them from Muggles.


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With Pokemon Go grossing billions of dollars in revenue, and the Wizarding World more popular than ever, the move to mobile gaming seems like the next logical step for this beloved franchise. Developer Niantic is excited about the prospect of not only bringing the Wizarding World to people’s phones, but getting people out there and becoming more social because of this game:


“We want to get people out and about and find out more about their world through exploration and discovery.”


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite doesn’t have a release date yet, but it is scheduled to come out in 2019. Here is the game’s first trailer:




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