Issa Rae in Insecure

Are you Rae-dy for Season 2 of Insecure?

We can’t get enough of Issa Rae. From her humble beginnings with YouTube show Awkward Black Girl to her New York Times bestselling memoir ‘Misadventures of Awkward Blackgirl’ to her hit HBO show ‘Insecure’ everything she touches turns to gold. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Issa and her friends this season! 


‘Insecure’ follows Issa, her boyfriend Lawrence and best friend Molly as they muddle through their haywire day to day lives. While the trope of dissatisfied twenty-somethings has been done to death in the world of sitcoms, it has been noted numerous times that ‘Insecure’ is a breath of fresh air due to the fact that ir “features more black people than otherwise exist across the entire rest of HBO’s programming — and never shies away from that fact.’



Issa Rae

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Rae has said there is a “notion that there’s a universal way to be black.It’s been portrayed throughout media and has been accepted by mainstream media, [but] what does that mean if you’re not ‘black enough?’ Does that mean that I don’t fit into this box? I always find the humor in that because you can’t escape being black – it’s who you are.”


According to Vox, Rae’s show  ‘wants to… tell the story of black people living, loving, and fucking up like dozens of shows starring white people have gotten to for years.’ 


The new season sees Issa and Lawrence coming to terms with being single, while Molly’s story line deals with her career and mental health and received a stellar review from Vox- “With sharp writing, acting, and some gorgeous directing on their side, everyone on Insecure feels like a fully formed person, making everything the characters do — no matter how seemingly banal — endlessly compelling.”

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