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Are People With Glasses REALLY Smarter? There’s Some Spec-ulation

I remember the first time I got glasses in about third or fourth grade. I was so excited to pick out a special pair and show all my friends and have something new to wear everyday. Now, I have no idea why the hell I would be so desirous of easily broken, very expensive things that I would every so often drop, scratch, and/or sit on. Yes, sit on. However, after reading this Inverse article, maybe those specs really ain’t so bad.


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The age-old stereotype is that if you wear glasses, you’re a ‘nerd’. You read more books, you’re quiet, you’re smart. Nowadays, glasses are chic accessories that can come with or without a prescription. However, if you do really need them, people may see you as having a higher intelligence.


Although a study has shown that they make you look professional in job interviews, they cut back your scale of attractiveness. How unfair, right? Really it’s that, as humans, we tend to decipher people’s features and trustworthiness through facial expressions. 

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Neil Handley, who curates the British Optical Association Museum, explains that glasses hide our features, the fine lines in our face, our cheekbones, and many areas that indicate our tone or feeling. So with all those hidden, we jump over that gap and assume the best of them. We can’t see everything, so we can’t criticize.


A study published last year and presented at the 2012 American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting suggested that myopia — a.k.a. nearsightedness — was associated with higher levels of education. The researchers, from the University Medical Center in Germany, studied 4,600 myopia-afflicted Germans between the ages of 35 and 74. About 53 percent of their sample size had graduated from college, compared with 24 percent that had no post-high school education.


Could this be true? 


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Probably not. But could you still feel like a Harvard professor every time you put your tortoiseshell glasses on? Hell yeah. Will other people think so too? We’ll let them decide that one. 



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