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'Archie Comics' Goes On Surprise Hiatus After 78 Years

‘Archie Comics’ Goes On Surprise Hiatus After 78 Years

Yes, that’s right, Archie fans: the iconic comic series’ flagship title Archie is going on hiatus.

As you may know, hiatuses by themselves are nothing new; in various types of media, they’re just breaks in-between seasons, episodes, series… or in this case, issues. However, here’s what you may not know: when it comes to Archie Comics, this is the franchise’s very first hiatus after launching its first-ever Archie-branded issue 78 years ago – specifically in the winter of 1942!





The last issue – last as in previous (let’s not freak out, Archie-heads) – that came out from this series was Issue #713, going on sale this past July, and there were no issue announcements or publications since then, thus marking this as the first time ever that this specific Archie book has not “continuously” published an issue. Now, according to Newsarama, there had been a planned two-month break – that was until the Coronavirus struck, changing the media in all its forms, including comics, forever. And yet, here we are with no more Archie until November’s end.

Still, even the promise of coming back by that time of the year – while this year is still going on – floats in the air, not quite set in stone just yet… but then again, what really is set in stone at this point in the year?

Fun-fact break: the flagship-titled book ran until 2015, a time when it was relaunched as a kind-of reboot with new character design and a new #1, but the reboot of sorts was short-lived, lasting for only a few years until 2018, thus “[reverting] back to legacy running” and “maintaining the run,” as Comicbook puts it.





While the Archie-heads among us, openly or secretly devoted, are awaiting the next issue in the book, they were at least satisfied from the previous issue to know what came from the brewing romance between Archie and Katy Keene, within the Archie and Katy Keene mini-series running within the book (*spoiler warning*): in the end, Katy decides to stay in New York to pursue her professional passions, letting Archie go in the process and devastating him, but before he can grieve for too long, he gets a call from Josie McCoy, asking to do a musical collab together…

So has Issue #713 concluded and set us up for Issue #714, whenever that will be, but as is the case with everything nowadays during these uncertain times, even with a timeless comic series, only time will tell…





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