Archaeologists Identify Ruins of 1,800-Year-Old Library

In Cologne, Germany, a set of ancient Roman walls that were found last year have been identified as a public library – the oldest in Germany.





Image Via Atlas Obscura



The walls were uncovered last year during the construction of a community center on the same site and are estimated to be about 1,800 years old.



Archaeologists were able to identify the building as a library thanks to distinctive niches carved into the walls. They were initially confusing since, at roughly 30 inches by 20 inches in size, they were too small to have contained the statues that often sat in niches in Roman buildings. It was eventually determined that the niches had contained scrolls. The building would have contained thousands of scrolls and archaeologists believe that it was open to the public, although not many people at the time could actually read.




Featured Image Via Atlas Obscura