Apple to Produce Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation Trilogy’ for TV

According to IndieWire, the Foundation Trilogy, by Isaac Asimov, the genius of science fiction, will be getting a small screen adaptation produced by Apple based on one of his trilogies. The ten-episode adaptation is based off his trilogy– Foundation, a sci-fi saga that takes place in a world where humans are scattered throughout the galaxy and are governed by the Galatic Empire. The series follows psycho-historian and mathematician, Hari Seldon, who discovers that the world he knows will begin to crumble. In order to save humankind and preserve the knowledge of its history and future, he finds himself breaking away from the empire to pursue a better solution for his people.


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Produced by Skydance Television, the ten-episode adaptation has employed both David S. Goyer (Batman Begins) and Josh Friedman (Avatar 2) to serve as writers and showrunners, who are taking charge so they can bring Asimov’s futuristic vision to the screen. Having these two backing the show with their creative prowess will potentially put this show on par with Game of Thrones, Westworld  and  Battle Star Galactica.


David Boyle and Josh Friedman

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