Anthony Hopkins Shines as King Lear in New Amazon Trailer

Anthony Hopkins has continued to enchant and entertain us with each of his portrayals, but in his newest role as Shakespeare’s King Lear, Hopkins allows us to see his pinnacle performance. 



Shakespeare’s King Lear is being adapted by Amazon Prime and is set in a modern, yet still very fitting setting. Hopkins’ character is the ruler of this kingdom and must divide his land among his daughters; all of which while they declare their love for him in order to get what they want.







The rest of the cast is also filled with prominent actors and actresses that almost certify that this will be an amazing adaptation! Emma Thompson will star as Goneril, Emily Watson as Regan, and Jim Broadbent as the Earl of Gloucester. King Lear has already been released in the UK, but for all of us in the United States, we can expect it to be watchable on Amazon Prime on September 28th. 




Featured Image via Youtube