Anthony Bourdain’s Last Graphic Novel to Be Released

Although Anthony Bourdain passed recently in June, it seems even death can’t stop the world renown chef and author. Bourdain’s last graphic novel is due to be released by graphic novel and comics publisher Dark Horse Comics on October 2nd. 




Bourdain with his graphic novel collaborator Joel Rose | Image via Newsweek



Bourdain was no stranger to comics. As a child, he enjoyed reading about his favorite story arcs and super heroes, and although he is more widely known for being a chef and food critic, Bourdain wrote several graphic novels of his own. 


He worked with acclaimed novelist Joel Rose to release two graphic novels in a series called Get Jiro. The story revolved around the mafia lifestyle of several fictional chefs. Although the story contained elements of the characters being involved with organized crime, it also contained several significant dishes and some recipes. 




Image via Eater



His latest work, however, is a completely different story. Set in the Edo period of Japan, the main characters are a cast of samurai-like chefs who choose to play a game one night while recounting their scariest ordeals in cooking. In Hungry Ghosts, all the chefs are forced to stay in doors with each other during this fateful night, all hoping to make it alive the next morning.


Bourdain’s graphic novel is set to be released this October 2nd. The book also contains several new recipes within its story. For any fan of the chef and author, this is a must-read!



Featured Image Via Fox News