Announcing The Reading Room Book Club!

Hello readers! We’ve got an exciting announcement for you.

We’re launching The Reading Room Book Club, a special column where we – readers and writers alike – can explore new, fascinating and/or underrated novels. You help us pick the book, we read together, and we convene each week with a new discussion.

How excited you should be! via GIPHY

Zane and Emily, two dutiful writers here at TRR, will be at the controls. Each weekly episode will explore one chapter, with E & Z offering their thoughts, frustrations, affections and predictions for each passage. There will be audio and video discussions, reader feedback, and plenty more.

But we can’t do it alone – well, we could, but it would be so much more fun if we read along with you. How can you contribute? Give us your input on what the first book should be. Drop a suggestion for a book in the comments by May 31st and we’ll put it on our long list. The book chosen for the first season will be announced on June 1st, with the first episode going up on June 10th.

We’ll see you then! 

Featured image courtesy of Broquart Photography