Anne Frank

Anne Frank’s Diary Is Being Adapted into a Beautiful Graphic Novel

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl has been read by many people all over the world and is remembered as a truly emotional yet accurate journal of the little girl’s life and struggles during the Holocaust. Her legacy has lived on through her personal writings for generations and continues to do so with new adaptations. Now, the renowned diary is due to be adapted into a graphic novel.




An illustration in the new book, depicting how Anne viewed her future self | Image Via YouTube



The Anne Frank Foundation has been innovating new ways of reaching more readers and in educating people across the world. This year, the foundation approached illustrator David Polonsky and screenwriter Ari Folman to work on the graphic novel version of Anne’s diary. The pair has already created another masterwork with their renowned animated film Waltz With Bashir, which had been Oscar-nominated. Their take on the illustrations does not shy away from Anne’s harsh reality, while still representing the young girl’s innocent attitude towards her situation.


The graphic novel, Anne Frank’s Diary, has been out in Hebrew and several other European languages for a year now. However, the English version has just been released, so be sure to get your copy!




Featured Image Via Hindustan Times