Anna Paquin to Star in Atwood’s Alias Grace Miniseries Adaption

We love Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. We even covered it in our book-club podcast, which you can find here. Obviously, we jumped at the news that Hulu is working on a 10-episode adaption of the book. Perhaps Netflix felt left out of the Atwood loop because they just recently announced a six-hour miniseries of another one of her books Alias Grace.


The story itself is based on true events. From the perspective of a fictional third person, Doctor Simon Jordan, Atwood retells the gruesome murder of Thomas Kinnear and his housemaid/lover Nancy Montgomery. Despite being historical fiction, the core events of murder are true.

Atwood uses a disjointed style by including a patchwork of news articles, letters, and pubslihed confessions about the case. This method is perfect for telling the story of the bizarre events leading up to the death of Thomas Kinnear and Nancy Montgomery.

Netflix’s adaptation will star Oscar winning actress, Anna Paquin. In an interview, writer and producer Sarah Polley stated: “Anna is an incredibly versatile performer who always makes complex, unpredictable and fascinating choices in her work.” Needless to say Polley is very excited to have Paquin as the lead for the show and so are we!

Paquin made a name for herself when she won an Oscar at the age of 11 for her role in The Piano. She is more likely to be recognized as Rogue from X-Men and Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood. The only bad news? Alias Grace has only just begun shooting. Despite our excitement to see the show, it may be over a year before it makes its way to our living rooms. But that just means you have plenty of time to read the book!

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