Anna George in Conversation with TheReadingRoom

By Sophie Hamley, Australian Editorial Content Producer

“My name is David James Forrester. I’m a solicitor. Tonight, at 6.10, I killed my wife. This is my statement.”

What Came BeforeDavid sits in his car, sick to his stomach and barely able to order his thoughts, but determined to record his statement of events. His wife, Elle, hovers over her lifeless body as it lies on the laundry floor of the house they shared. David thinks back on their relationship – intimate, passionate, intense – and what led to this violent endpoint. Elle traces their shared past as well and her version of events gradually reveals how wrong she was about the man she’d loved. Dark, atmospheric and gripping, What Came Before by Anna George is a stunning literary thriller about the risks you take when you fall in love, and Sophie Hamley had the opportunity to speak with the author about her debut.

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“What Came Before is a finely crafted, provocative novel told with a powerful intensity.” Shelleyrae

“Intense and gripping.”kathrynsinbox

“Are you allowed to write reviews that just say ‘WOW’?kcfromaustcrime

“A stunning cast, a wonderfully complex plot with a few twists and turns, and a surprise ending.” – Reading Writing and Riesling

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