Anna Faris Is Writing a Book!

This year has seen the release of many a memoir, penned by our most literary celebs. Memoirs by Ellie Kemper, Anna kendrick, Amy Schumer, and Carrie Brownstein, just to name a few. Soon to join the ranks: Anna Faris! The comedienne extraordinaire rose to prominence in the early 2000’s, with stellar roles in The House Bunny and Just Friends. Since then, she’s been keeping busy by doling out love advice on her podcastAnna Faris is Unqualified. 

Image courtesy of Splitsider

The book is largely inspired by the podcast, and will detail the ups and downs of her tumultuous romantic life, leading up to her matrimony with fellow funnyman, Chris Pratt. 

Upon sealing the deal with Dutton publishers, Faris said

“After years of telling people I don’t know what I’m talking about concerning a whole host of topics, it is deeply gratifying to learn that Dutton whole-heartedly agrees. I could not be more excited to get my stories – on love, relationships and courtship – to the people who not only buy books, but then actually read those books. Namaste.”


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