Gryffindor Dog

Animal Shelter Sorts Dogs Into Hogwarts Houses

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is getting into the holiday spirit today – by sorting their unadopted but available-for-adoption dogs into Harry Potter houses!



The shelter doesn’t have a sorting hat, but they do have a pretty decent way to sort their dogs into houses. 


Dogs that quickly learn obedience cues or can figure out puzzles have the knowledge of a Ravenclaw, while dogs with determination and ambition are sorted into Slytherin. Dogs displaying friendliness are sorted into Hufflepuff while dogs that embrace change have the bravery of Gryffindors.


After they’re sorted, each dog receives a banner for their cage announcing their house. Alongside being a great way to advertise dogs, sorting the animals into houses is a great way to show off personality traits without talking about breed. The Pet Alliance has stopped listing breeds altogether, as DNA research has shown that shelters often label dogs as the wrong breed, specifically those labelled as pit bulls. The media attention has brought in lots of hopeful pet owners into the shelter. 



Image via Mental Floss


“For many guests visiting our shelter, there is an instant recognition for our ‘Pawgwarts Houses,’ based on the overwhelming popularity of the book series,” said Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando communications manager Steven O’Neal. “People come in knowing what their personal house is and are so enthusiastic about our Potter-inspired sorting process.” According to O’Neal, the sorting quiz on the shelter’s website has been taken more than 30,000 times.


The shelter hasn’t sorted most of its cats, probably because in my experience, cats are skewed towards Slytherin values. My two cats, while cute playful little babies, are 10/10 mischievous and would both look excellent in a Slytherin scarf.


Featured Image Via Mental Floss.