Animal Crossing Libraries You’ll Wish You Could Visit IRL

There’s no better escape right now than books and video games. So, here’s a way to combine them both! Check out these 10 insane Animal Crossing libraries.

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As the world gets crazier, so do Animal Crossing islands. People are looking for an escape right now, and what better place to get it than an adorable island. Now there is even a black market where players trade everything from villagers to custom designs. It has allowed people to expand and decorate their islands to be over the top and absolutely gorgeous.

Here are a bunch of incredible Animal Crossing libraries that you’ll wish were real.

1. A secluded book island


Image via animal crossing reddit



2. major strand vibes in this one


image via @seabellcrossing



3. A bedroom library that will make you dream of books


Image via The Island of Bread and Soup Tumblr


4. This bewitching library to practice your spells in


Image via reishi of mushroom tumblr


5. This Library made by an actual librarian who missed being at work


Image via I Love Libraries



6. This Intense pocket-camp lair (because there’s no way you can find furniture that nice on new horizons)


Image via Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Reddit


7. This outdoor library that will make you never want to read inside again (Bonus: melba)


image via orange-sapphron tumblr


8. This lovely book cafe


image via @Peaachesncreamm


9. This cosy cluttered room


image via tumblr


10. Bonus: the community dreamatorium to imagine your own library!

Image via animal crossing reddit


feature image via animal crossing reddit