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Andy Weir Opens Up About ‘The Martian’ Follow Up

It may come as a surprise to some that best-selling sci-fi thriller ‘The Martian’ started out as a serial publication on author Andy Weir’s website. This was of course before it was picked up, becoming not only a best-seller but also an Oscar-nominated movie starring Matt Damon.


2017 will see the release of Weir’s long-awaited follow-up novel, ‘Artemis,’ which is a thriller set on the Moon.



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Weir said in an interview with The Verge that it’s nerve-wracking following up such a successful book.

I feel like I’ve done a good job, but we’re now going to find out if I’m a one-hit wonder. It’s pretty scary to follow up something like ‘The Martian’



Andy Weir

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He said the experience of writing ‘Artemis’ has been different as he misses the community feel of publishing a story in serial form. 


I miss that. When I had thousands of readers read each chapter, they would email me and tell me, “Oh, [you’ve] got this part of this chemistry wrong, or that part,” and I can go back and fix it.


Though he notes that ‘Artemis’ is not as scientific as ‘The Martian,’ and therefore required less research and fact-checking.  Weir says he grew up reading his dad’s novels from the 60’s and 70’s such as ‘I, Robot’ and ‘The Moon is a Harsh Mistress’ to which he worries ‘Artemis’ will be compared. So anxious is he for the response to ‘Artemis’ that he is even waiting to gauge the response to it before beginning work on his next book, as he would like it to be a series. “I would love for this to be my ‘Discworld,’ he said, referencing Terry Pratchett’s bestselling series. 


When asked how he made ‘The Martian’ into such a page-turner he said:

I ask myself a lot — you know when you’re in bed reading, and at some point you go, “I’m tired,” and put the book down? But if it’s an exciting part of the book, you’ll go, “Well, I’m going to finish this, and then I’ll put the book down and go to sleep.” My question is, when you’re writing the part where you’re going to sleep — why is that there? So I just don’t let them put it down, don’t let them stop reading.


What a great outlook! And it’s stood him in good stead so far. As well as this great way of looking at writing, Weir also describes himself as having “a very optimistic view of the future,” saying “the quality of life for humankind just goes up and up and up consistently at all times.” Here’s hoping it continues! 


Artemis will be released on November 14th. 


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