An Unofficial Narnia Sequel May Never Be Released

The Chronicles Of Narnia is one of the most beloved fantasy series of all time. Each of the seven books holds a special place in people’s hearts, and it’s hard to think of any author who can match C.S. Lewis’ iconic voice.


But one author may have come close to perfecting Lewis’ style of storytelling.


In a report from The Guardian, English author Francis Spufford wrote an unofficial Narnia book titled The Stone Table for his daughter during his free time. The title is taken from the location in Narnia where Aslan was sacrificed in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The story focuses on Polly Plummer and Digory Kirke, who are both protagonists in The Magician’s Nephew. While Spufford didn’t offer any details about the plot, he did say that the story “explains why there are four empty thrones in the castle of Cair Paravel, and where the Stone Table came from.”


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Francis Spufford. Image Via Aitken Alexander Associates


Spufford wrote the book without permission from the Lewis estate. When he wrote to them about the possibility of publication, the estate did not respond. Spufford then decided to self-publish. Seventy-five copies were made, and Spufford only gave away copies to close friends, who all gave positive reviews to the book.


While there is still no word on whether the Lewis estate will allow a publication, Spufford hasn’t given up hope.


Featured Image Via Polygon